24/7 Call Center

Call center employee at computer

(866) 273-3835

The ANGELS Call Center is staffed by experienced registered nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide:

  • Education concerning acute and chronic health problems during pregnancy
  • Telephone triage of immediate health concerns for patients of UAMS OB/GYN services (or other contracted care providers)
  • Counseling services for mental health or bereavement issues:
    • Referrals to mental health crisis intervention
    • Information for resources available in the patient’s local areas
    • Access to resources, such as high-risk obstetrical services, poison control center, mental health services, etc.
    • Follow-up phone call services to patients recently discharged from the hospital

The Call Center facilitates health care providers with:

  • High-risk maternal transports
  • Consults with maternal-fetal medicine specialists, members of ANGELS staff, and other UAMS faculty members
  • Assistance for physicians with ANGELS guidelines, evidence-based research and standards of care while caring for high-risk obstetrical patients in their local healthcare facilities
  • General information regarding the ANGELS program
  • After-hours support to private physician offices that contract with ANGELS for their patients to be triaged by a nurse instead of a commercial answering service

The Call Center can be reached at (866) 273-3835.

Tammy Bowen, RN – Program Manager

Dawn Woodruff, RN – Assistant Manager

Denise Crumpton – Patient Service Coordinator (PSC) Supervisor

Susan Smith Dodson, RN – LVM Clinical Developer / Trainer