Delta Interactive Solution to Collaborate Over Video for Education and Resources for Maternal Child Health Leadership (DISCOVER MCH Leadership) delivers distance learning opportunities through interactive video and web-based materials in a user-friendly format that welcomes interdisciplinary participation and pursuit of continuing medical education credits, exploring topics specific to the racial, ethnic, and cultural needs associated with practicing obstetrics in the Delta. The $300,000 award is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Initial steps in this program have included preparation of materials for online continuing education opportunities and certification processes to allow CDH to provide continuing education credits. will allow health care professionals to earn continuing medical education credits over a secure website, which will prove especially beneficial to those rural providers who are unable to travel for continuing education due to time or money constraints.

The Institute for Digital Health & Innovation stands at a junction in Arkansas’s healthcare history where technology will become the standard, rather than a novelty, in delivering clinical and educational services to Arkansas’s rural population. The future years will only broaden CDH’s approach, where new telemedicine-infused ideas will be born in locations and through specialties never before addressed through distance technologies in Arkansas. At the forefront, there will be the Institute for Digital Health & Innovation leading the charge for change in Arkansas.