Our mission is to facilitate distance health implementation of educational, clinical, research, and outreach opportunities, including the effective management of needs assessments and efficient resource matches.

The Institute for Digital Health & Innovation hosts a variety of programs that benefit the people of Arkansas. Click a link below to learn more. If you have needs not currently represented, please contact us at

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High Risk Pregnancy Program

The High Risk Pregnancy Program is an innovative consultative service for a wide range of physicians including family practitioners, obstetricians, neonatologists, and pediatricians in Arkansas. This program offers a wide range of services including high-risk obstetrical telemedicine consultations, targeted ultrasounds, fetal non-stress tests, fetal echocardiography, newborn screening, telehealth scheduling and follow-up, a call center, case management, education for providers, and evidence-based guidelines.

Call Center

Available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week,  the ANGELS Call Center offers triage support to UAMS obstetric patients, Arkansas Department of Health obstetric patients, and health care providers; provides high-risk obstetrical patient referral scheduling and case management; and facilitates high-risk maternal transports across Arkansas. Contact the ANGELS Call Center at 866-273-3835.

IDHI Education

The IDHI Education team provides continuing education for health care providers in all 75 counties. Health care providers can access educational opportunities on-site and through interactive video teleconferences.

Stroke Program

The IDHI Stroke Program delivers live, telemedicine-based neurology consultation in emergency departments by connecting potential stroke patients with specialists who offer on-the-spot stroke diagnosis and treatment. Without this program, these facilities would not have the capability of providing life-saving treatment to stroke patients in Arkansas. The IDHI Stroke Program currently partners with 48 sites across the state.

UAMS e-Link  Network

The UAMS e-Link Network is a Statewide Telemedicine Network that partners with over 400 health care, higher education, public safety, and research facilities in unserved, underserved, and economically distressed areas in Arkansas. UAMS IDHI provides network management, technical support, and training to sustain and expand the network, while also acting as a consortium leader to attain discounted broadband services through the FCC Healthcare Connect Fund.

Language Interpreter Services

IDHI’s Language Interpreter Services interpreters facilitate communication between patients, families, and health care professionals on the UAMS campus and beyond by using telemedicine equipment, such as tablet devices and standalone video conferencing systems. This program meets the language barrier needs of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Hispanic patients and their health care providers. Services include Telephone Interpretation, VRI Video Remote Interpretation, and Document Translation.

Correctional Facility Telemedicine

The Correctional Facility Telemedicine program delivers routine and high-risk obstetrical support for women within the Arkansas prison system. Comprehensive care is delivered through level II ultrasound technology and telemedicine consults with genetic counselors and maternal-fetal medicine specialists at UAMS. Secure, broadband connectivity is also provided for contracted behavioral health, infectious disease management, and orthopedics.

Following Baby Back Home

Following Baby Back Home serves Arkansas families of high-risk infants post discharge to facilitate immunization compliance, ensure follow-up appointments, and provide education to parents regarding the medical, social, emotional growth and development needs of their infant. This program is available through Kids First.

The education portal allows health care providers to obtain continuing education credit for completed online modules. On-site assistance with registration is available for hospitals and clinics in Arkansas. can be accessed 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from any device with internet connectivity, including mobile.

The education portal provides patients with up-to-date information, education, and resources regarding health and wellness through the use of online modules. Modules are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from any device with internet connectivity, including mobile.

South Central Telehealth Resource Center

The South Central Telehealth Resource Center (SCTRC) is a federally-funded program that promotes and supports telehealth integration in health care settings and classrooms through existing and developing telehealth networks that serve the south’s medically underserved rural populations. The resource center website,, targets health care and health education groups that have an interest in using telehealth. The SCTRC provides technical assistance, expert resources, and a variety of educational opportunities including webinars, videos, online course modules, and blog posts. The resource center, which is part of a national consortium of telehealth resource centers, serves Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Visit or contact the SCTRC at 855-664-3450.

Public Schools Program

The Public Schools Program uses telehealth technology to deliver behavioral health, obesity prevention, and oral health care in School-Based Health Centers. The program, a grant partnership between the Arkansas Department of Education and the UAMS Institute for Digital Health & Innovation, currently serves four rural school districts: Magazine, Malvern, Lamar, and Jasper.

Trauma Programs

Trauma Telemedicine expedites treatment for patients who have suffered a traumatic injury and provides treating physicians with immediate access to patients and injury images to determine best treatment options. Programs include Burn Consultation, Hand Trauma, Trauma Image Repository (TIR), and the Arkansas Trauma Rehabilitation Program.

Sickle Cell Program

The Sickle Cell Program provides resources and services to Arkansas primary care physicians in support of quality care for adult sickle cell patients. The program includes a clinic to assist patients with transition from pediatric to adult care; a multidisciplinary specialist clinic that treats all aspects of sickle cell disease; a disease registry to collect data and support research; education for health care providers and the community; and a 24-hours a day, 7-days a week Sickle Cell Hotline: 1-855-Sic-Cell (742-2355).


UAMS ANGEL Eye delivers real-time video and audio of hospitalized infants directly to their remote family, strengthening bonds for a family that cannot stay with an infant during lengthy hospitalizations.

UAMS Physician’s Call Center

The UAMS Physician’s Call Center provides consultation, transport, and triage services for Arkansas physicians. For services, call 1-866-UAMS-DOC (826-7363) OR 501-686-6080. For obstetric consultations, please contact the ANGELS Call Center at 866-273-3835.