Telemedicine Training

Telehealth meets health care needs anywhere at any time!


Telehealth eliminates barriers to quality care by enabling specialized services regardless of a patient’s distance from the nearest tertiary center.

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Do you want to implement telehealth into your practice, but you aren’t sure where to start?

The team of health care professionals at the UAMS IDHI is comprised of experts in patient care via telehealth. By sharing their knowledge and experience, the team helps practitioners and organizations explore the possibilities of developing and implementing telehealth programs and services.

Do you need to know what telehealth technology is right for you?

A visit to the Adam D. Rule Training Center provides you with an opportunity to examine telehealth technologies and evaluate those technologies through hands-on demonstrations. Our healthcare team along with IT professionals also provide a technology assessment and make recommendations based on your individual needs.

How can you schedule a visit to meet with the UAMS team?

Each visit is customized to meet specific needs, such as those shown below. Please complete the online interest form to let us know the topics that interest you.

Once we receive the form, a team member will contact you to set up a free 30-minute telephone or video consultation to discuss your telehealth needs and help you determine if an on-site visit would be beneficial.

A fee is charged for on-site visits. The fee is determined by the level of detail, resources and the duration of your visit.

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