The Institute for Digital Health & Innovation (IDHI) provides distance health technology to an array of participants, including physicians, clinicians, patients, medical students and more. Below are a few examples of the IDHI’s educational initiatives.

Angels Teleconferences and Guidelines

Thanks to review and participation by providers around the state, ANGELS has defined best practices for over 100 high-risk obstetrical conditions and over 50 neonatal and pediatric conditions. These best practice guidelines are listed below and are available on our Angels guidelines website. The Telehealth Resource Center is the gateway to telehealth information and training.  Our virtual Community & Education Center is focused on giving telehealth users a place to exchange ideas and information. Blogs, articles, open discussions, training modules, and live events are available regardless of your experience in the world of telehealth. works to educate, advise and assist in the development of telehealth programs.

In addition, we offer a training center located within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences campus and can provide technology assessment and advisement on appropriate telehealth technologies for organizations interested in expanding or establishing telehealth systems.

Questions? Call toll free: 855-664-3450.

Train & Maintain

Train & Maintain is a technology training initiative created by the IDHI in association with the Arkansas Division of Health (DOH). The IDHI will provide training, coordination, and support for telehealth resources in Arkansas, allowing for smooth interoperability between the three Arkansas telehealth networks:

  • The UAMS Network
  • The DOH Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Network
  • The DOH Local Health Unit Network

With federally funded bioterrorism lines installed throughout Arkansas, Train & Maintain seeks to provide telehealth expertise to those operating this equipment in Arkansas’ hospitals.

If you have a distance health educational idea or need, please contact us with your request.


The Antenatal & Neonatal Guidelines, Education and Learning System (ANGELS) was established in 2002 when two major state agencies, the UAMS College of Medicine and the Arkansas Department of Human Services, combined forces to address rural health care disparities and improve obstetrical and neonatal care across Arkansas.

The ANGELS mission is to ensure that every woman in Arkansas at risk of having a complicated pregnancy receives the best possible perinatal care. To accomplish this mission, ANGELS is composed of six distinctive elements:

  • Statewide telemedicine and clinic network
  • Education and support program for obstetrical and neonatal providers
  • Twenty-four hour call/triage center
  • Case management services
  • Clinical research, assessment, and evaluation program
  • Evidence-based guidelines for best practices

Please call 866-273-3835 for questions or assistance with outpatient referral appointments, clinical telemedicine, or any ANGELS service.  Visit our website for more information on our many programs including weekly educational teleconferences and guidelines for best practices in obstetrics, neonatology, and pediatrics.