Telemedicine monitorWhat to Expect at Your Telemedicine Appointment

If you are new to telemedicine appointments, you probably have several questions about what to expect. We hope to put any questions or fears you have to rest.

Your completed paperwork is extra important. It helps us get a better understanding of your situation. Be sure to be on time and have all of your paperwork completed and with you.

Just like your usual doctor appointments, you will go into a patient room. If you prefer, family members may be invited into the room with you. The door to the room will be closed for privacy. A physician, nurse and/or ultra sonographer will also be in the room. You will receive the same kind of exams that you would receive in a usual appointment.

You will see a piece of equipment that may look like a TV, or it may have two screens and a small camera. You will be introduced to the health care professionals at UAMS. You will be able to see and hear your health care team, and they will be able to see and hear you. If you have an ultrasound, both you and your health care team will be able to look at it. You may move and talk naturally. The health care providers at your local clinic and at UAMS will discuss your situation. You will be part of the discussion, so the UAMS providers may ask you questions. Do not hesitate to ask any questions.

The basic difference with a telemedicine appointment is that you will be talking with a physician or a health care professional who is not in the same room with you. Though they are physically located at UAMS, the telecommunication equipment allows you to see, hear and communicate with these health care providers almost like they were standing next to you.

Telemedicine saves patients time and inconvenience. We hope you will take advantage of this offering whenever possible. Please contact us with your questions.