Interpreter Services

The Institute for Digital Health & Innovation Language Interpreting through Video Exchange (IDHI LIVE) program has been established to meet the language barrier needs of Limited English Proficiency (LEPs) patients on the UAMS campus and beyond.

IDHI LIVE is a telemedicine-based program that utilizes equipment such as standalone video conferencing systems and the low cost option of webcams to meet the interpreting needs of patients as they arise. IDHI LIVE provides health facilities with:

  • Interpreting service at registration and checkout
  • Interpreting service in patient rooms
  • Telephone interpreting service
  • Translation services for health education materials, consent forms, questionnaires and more

Staffed with experienced and medically certified interpreters, IDHI LIVE currently provides interpreting services for the Spanish language between normal clinic hours of 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. We look forward to extending our hours of service and the number of languages we provide, including sign language, in the future. If you know of a need for our service, or are interested to know more about the program, please call 501-526-0399.