Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) are typically Master’s-level trained healthcare providers who work with patients to assess, diagnose and treat disorders of speech, language, swallowing and voice. While there are many SLPs in Arkansas, most live in larger cities and have to commute regularly to rural areas to provide their services or require their patients to come to them. Telespeech programs can help reduce this travel burden and cost to providers and their clients.

The Institute for Digital Health & Innovation (CDH) is involved in providing services for a telespeech research project studying the efficacy of telemedicine in the treatment of vocal hyperfunction/dysphonia.  Patients are randomized to treatment follow-up in face-to-face clinics at UAMS or via telemedicine from local healthcare facilities.

Several private practice therapy groups have contacted us to assist in developing their telespeech programs. If you are such an entity, the CDH would be happy to help you. We are also partnering with Arkansas Medicaid to develop technical and program guidelines for providing telespeech therapy across the state at a variety of facilities.