The South Central Telehealth Resource Center

The South Central Telehealth Resource Center (SCTRC) broadens the focus and mission of the Institute for Digital Health & Innovation to serve several states in the Delta. Through the South Central Telehealth Resource Center, existing and developing telehealth networks that serve the South’s medically underserved, rural populations can gain access to custom-tailored direction and expert-level resources on how to further their clinical and educational reach.

The SCTRC allows more rural Arkansans to receive quality healthcare closer to home through $947,087 in funding provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration. It is the health care providers in the rural Delta areas that most need the benefits provided through telehealth, but these providers often do not have the resources to initiate such services in their communities. Recently, these rural providers were offered a new tool through SCTRC. The website allows providers and anyone interested to receive numerous tools, including videos, blog postings, and interactive training, in the development and facilitation of telehealth programs. Not only will SCTRC expand education to healthcare providers within the three-state region over the next fiscal year, it will also begin to educate those in Louisiana, a newly added site that will greatly benefit from telehealth implementation.

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